They spoke of her as though ’twere the easiest known thing in the whole of all that is terrifyingly unknowing
Pressed against, she’s kissed a thousand million frog fella-d lips stretched to caress – p r e t e n d e r s
Ill-equipped, suffer for your lacklustre failure to catch each part of her entirely
There is fire aside preciously implemented this – bewitch me like it’s the final remaining thing for only treasured you To Do
When the people sit on in to stare at her every single thing diamanté imbedded – merry-go-chairs
We do dread the end-of-night event ’til settling itself in desperate need to breathe a normal instance to this
Sent to sensationally pour akin to lava-esque gold – the all or nothing somebody who struts her bee-stung stuff
E v e r y w h e r e
Red ribboned, She sized our derision to trim away it’s utter haste
Christ please press your Yokimo face in taste for we’ve been kneeling to plead by these wicker aforementioned chair of ours to share