That hidden moment in time, when sudden uneasiness begins to make singular sense of itself – unleashes the beast

When comfort and skill lends itself to all-out-war with literary intent – the bare-naked caffeine has been swilling, these utilised cigarettes lent against an eager breath

And an exhausted imbecile feeds the narrowing ego of dreams via liquefied resilience – these party-hard, pock-marked sonsofbitches know no bounds brought to them by way of lucrative misbehaviour
All of it a picture of plagiarised perfection

A distinguished penny for their disruptive thoughts and they’d be millionaires for now…

Early a.m. preparatory procedure, and the multi-coloured curtains have been drawn to within the glimmer of one sun’s whispering inch

Have this… heck, have it all in a nutshell, please

Elegance in gargantuan waiting, a sedated soul shall finally find the reason to rhyme again – and a sordid silence begins to speak utter volumes

A maddening moment in gathering time when the borders have been bountifully broken til interspersed like tasteful crazy

Peppered in pedantic meanderings via the strenuous bewilderment of one such ballpoint pen, and he means no real harm but for the harm that a bargain with bolstered words can cause for itself – all hands on desk… to the detriment of his constantly corrupt being

Dotting the i’s and crossing these t’s the final cry of pompous portrayal – he has to ask himself though, does anyone ever really get to reading between the lines anymore!?

Or are our lives but a forgotten photo… sometimes you go a little bit crazy when the taste is too much and it finally fails at suiting itself, upsetting the underbelly to an anointed point of unfair betrayal

But onward he goes, frettled face pressed heavily against the searing heat of the screaming grindstone – seems his defeat sleeps head-to-toe with his success either way forth forward prioritied by all of these wonderfully gilded-in-gold white lies

His words are his weapons only he has no-one left to fight but for his singular self personified by the might of descriptive intelligence gone dastardly awry

Attempts to Catch Kite