He takes this pen and tends to fending for itself – this shrinking, sinking-violet sensation blessed to press his soliloquy arm against
Heady aims

Either way frozen forth forward – no less eagerly impressed albeit inundated by a need to be, petrified by the frightful light,
simply wherein the cracks appear to cloak ‘n’ dagger decipher between

Reappear to tantalise and unanimously antagonise
‘Til dividing the real people from these fickle and forgettable pretenders
Scatter-dashed on out everywhere

He will become unspeakably thrilled, to the bones of his perfection-seeking being

Been there, done that, torn the rip-worn ticket at half-mast
… Inviting himself in, to the grandiose and plausibly pander-some parade

And we will sit silkily and witness to watch, him re-read something altogether indifferent from the rest
Stressed himself to a gargantuan point of no knowing return, really

Begging for an insatiable visual
And he does appear to be
This steely-eyed and outright vivaciously enraptured individual with kaleidoscopic ability
‘Til stealing our rampant, rather imaginative minds away
All Over Again

And at undeniably unexplained pace – ashen-faced, forever delightfully disillusioned, partaking amidst purposefully pained strain
Lethargically enhanced ladies aside medication-popping mental-men, we do pleasure ourselves to the pride-filled core of our bestial being, to inevitably bestow cathartic upon you –
The living, breathing, ego-arisen pariah

Coaxed unforgettably, unashamedly, damnright sordidly on through
To the lesser parts, of forever awaiting We

Typically estranged to suit whichever readily appeals, he sees fair glad-ragged and magically amidst
All of this iridescent necessity

Like we say, carries with him, these contagiously, courageously kaleidoscopic tendencies
For all to sit, settle and God-forsaken collaboratively see – speaks for all of We

Inordinately f-r-e-e, something which these pills will only ever dis-tastefully dissolve and let themselves see

Carries the tune yet cannot unearth the utmost probable instrument, to play it for – or against – his tirelessly comfortable self

This is the guardianship – placed, wretched and terrifically tethered… unto no less incandescent He
Where the blindingly obvious light permits itself back in

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