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Unlike anyone or -thing else. It’s haphazard to try and explain the inexplicable and utterly at one with no other

“And if we like to hear the bodies of birds in these FARAWAY trees sing a song of SIXTY-FIVE-MILLION pence, plEEEEEASE(!!) then so be it//

Let them enviously sing like just such audible audacities, actuallY(!?)” It’s

A million~dollar downsizing and its definitively an egotistical THING(!):: for these tWisTed~up in Falsified Bliss pEoplE: they seem to’Ve suiteD themseLve$ enough times now…

To get in there and compete with these common~as~much, misplaced Inebriations, and if we do sound so v-e-r-y MEAN, then that’ll have Been Them and THIS’LL have been

“A keen-minded way of

Talking without thinking.” That thing called an ocd patient’s greatest achievement… we Think