Blame the pain, all of the damnedest time.. to riotously work with this wrought-iron rhythm and rhyme sometimes… is to bravely dislocate that sophisticated and rather shattering sense of… … upside-down bravado aside seriously inundated dissociation!

Between ten parts of each-silly-little-piece

Of these overactive brains.. plain to (s-i-m-p-l-y) see that they’ve been sufficiently s-e-i-z-e-d and captured immediately right by… … …

One such maddening moment in time and apprehensively multiplied immediately right by: Absolute and ultimately UNTIMELY agony!! Soon as their dilapiDATED shadows will dance again ’til broken to the beautifulbone… …

And st-ILL searching… … for One. Way. Home. Somewhat prone and improperly associated … with an over-industrious sense of lock-tight survival some times.

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