The calling-card that took its own breath back / the way she initially envisaged it wasn’t pARTicularly that wAy..

she’s been a *common-as-muck, normalcy-SEEKING person of determining qualities – and

Triangularly-both-RECTANGULARLY tied= to the sight of

… what she did was she envisioned another person’s sort of “stable-faced” Agility actually; that need to hold one arm out and finALLY catch

Their best breath. Gently+both+mentally, • and she will —-> > reach for the other side of life, that “peculiar feeling of not having toUnderstand anything at all.” And if we r-e-a-l-l-y were watching it all then we just~must~admit to

Not having had anY(??!) initial iota of a clue, “just how sadly faAaaaar this A=grAde indivi(DUEL?) fell by the

Irreversible WaySidE.” Needless to say, • We do salute you for Having made the Impression that few will ever get to make. • Loosely speaking, She Flew The Coop and bruised her way Through anyway… … .

In a MiLlIon instances of Selfless amazingness, which always knew of its truest worth on eARTh

*common-as-muck only in-so-far as an individual might wish to feel… like any ol’ Joe Soap