Right round me, it’s what you did
On the brink, teetering on the ridge with no such place to hide
When you said: “Ride it out”
You decided to shout, a watery wail from right below, lending me your dynamite shoulder
Flower vase significance, you offered up hope, encasing me in memories, gave me a real chance
Bring it all here, table and chair significance, letting us dance again
No such veil right round us anymore, now I see it, that the shore can in fact be our friend
The dying flower still willing to wait in line for that majestic shower of power
From somewhere will come a sudden glare of sunshine
The perfect mix significance, a God-given chalice of balance
Dependent friends, all too prepared to come back into our life
No more delays, strings of endless strife, all too frightening, embarrassing threats with old and worn kitchen knives
I the distant husband, you the stay-at-home wife
Trapped, the cat bruised and battered perhaps
But he/she got the cream – utterly pristine again
Heaven-sent because they heard about you, were mentioned in passing
Only a case of momentary repent
The green, green grass of home poses the picture – an image, a delightful fixture colouring itself together up inside of your head
Forever stored away