Gilded in unknowing golden, he sees something unforgettably folklore and proper and petrifyingly pretty restored no less cloaked and daggered endlessly swaggered inside of a her.

A steady-handed lady who shamelessly says it all and at undeniably tapestried pace – carries with her a most English rose, red-ribboned, go-getting, jet-setter’s face.

Heavenly bestowed and frettle-spray-featured showing.

And we do appear indeed to simply feel her radiance-in-waiting either way forth-forward foreboding.

All hell broke itself deceptively loose and, yet, she stole a quickening piece of delicious history intermingled unmissable, unmiserly amidst.

This. Living. Seething. Thing.
Restored rather affably, quite necessarily in all of We…
Know exactly who you are, where you problematically came from, for we do righteously indeed mean to create to gloriously guide and to marvellously make you pristine again.

Hello again, sweet window-silled Christine…
Seems to we, seems to me, you’ve been holding a candle called hope.

Pen permitted by silkened spiller-ink
Intertwined – inter-twinned – courageously upon conscientiously correct haberdashery paper, please shrink not inside of your violently incensed self again, for we do appear indeed to think…

That you heavenly hold with harnessed aside patiently, patently assessed hope the whole of our insipidly instanced world – no less justifiably quantifiable – within your once paralysed-to-parlay reconfigured left-hand.

Go Again When Steadied And
Implemented Til FerociouslyReady
Insane that they caused you to bank all of the blame.

Wherein all of our best kept – left – sophomore dreams keep realising something so suddenly soon as trembling to let themselves get to deliriously speaking.

For The Three Of We.

Tenuously… strenuously… tremendously indeed instilled to sizeably breathe.

The wind is coming, albeit twisting to behemoth bleed.

You simply tweaked the difference within
And seems to be, seems to me, that we hold a crazed kind of hope for only ever You.

The light shall find a way.

Mark my mandatory words,
And Be Oh So Very Barbarically Bold, Little Lady
Above all else, be braced for inescapably brave.

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