Your ten times better than Balthazar
Twice as good as Bukowski
A few scribbles per day
& I’ve a feeling that book deal will
Come your way
I’ve been thinking about it
& you’ve got what it takes
But don’t be hiding out
In your house
Take a walk outside
Why not visit some of Ireland’s famous lakes
Inspiration’s the thing you need
More than anything
Go for a few drinks
Watch that operatic friend of yours sing
Let it flow, dear boy
The good & the bad
& if you find yourself in a muddle
Don’t be fretting too much
Take a seat someplace
Buy yourself a pen & pad
Let the rules go out the window
It’s not your thing
Go by your gut instinct
Bukowski was an all-the-time drunk
Balthazar a warbling punk
So go against the grain
Be a great poet
As well as managing to avoid the mental strain