They’ve gathered themselves yet again, having dutifully dived right in and

Divulged EveryThing: it’s actually good because it actually works in a sense of sPEAKING… with the corners of (THE INSIDES OF) their wideAWAKE bRaIns..

No panic, NO ROOM for such a thoughtless thing TO-DO: their w-i-s-h to need to additionally a-d-h-e-r-e to everything else is

An equalisation of all sorts of drunkenly SobEr people (that strange and decidedly disgusting latter-day feeling)..

When(?!) we will celebrate whilst selling Our Souls to the Devil of Midnight WhINE &NeatNasty LITTLE s-i-p-s of whisKEY(..)

Why have we NOT been USing that part of our aforeMENTIONED b-r-a-i-n-s these days – someone? Please!? Answer us

Because we are
N on our knees and begging OURSELVES PLEASE. To disintegrate the past and make the future EVERLASTING(!!)