If we were preparing ourselves both gently and mentally

for the jovial-ness of a show stopping MAsterclAss in bravado led intricacy then we may as well’Ve been interesting everybody else in our

innate ability

“To walk

and talk and take it all to heart and at the exact SANE time now, please… she’s been doing well and she’s

even been —- bewitching these other people of

Pedantic portrayal.” It’s been.. comically coincidental at best and

above itself


In terms of utter

outrage… “actually!!” We figured the layabout, SHOUT-ALOUD(!!) girls and the lads at the prime of their LividSEETHING(!!) lives managed at

Being “certifiably exceptional in the face of overwhelming braveness even when… little to nothing made sarcastic

sorts of sense.” When the mere EAGER thought of taking the next day to themselves was always gonna

have its own way with wisdom, and he’s been

COURAGEOUSLY collapsing all of these hard-pressed

hands together against… and applauding the ACTUAL audience

this particular time, “please.”