They were one-time inebriating themselves and for the singlehanded sake of

Breaking all of these seem-to-beBeautifully UprightRuLes(!?) “They were even maybe adding the Hahahahaha-factsTogether again and panHANDLING THE TRUTH someW-H-A-T(?!?!?)”

—-)) amidst all of this fictional+nature+of+Eventual+things, when we

… … soiréed in
And altered precisely(probably)whatEVER we were R-E-A-L-L-YthinkingAtTheEXACTsameInSaNeLySuggestiveTime asEverybody else.. and cauSING+it+all to actAbstractandJustly PurposefulActually.

What matters wasNOT the fact but rather the telling nature of

—-…)))> a strapping strategy of StrangerKnowingWhere all of the Gold Is buried: “behind her kindness of eye.”