They were seemingly snowballing tHEIR own sense of wisdom, seemingly these perfectly peRtuRbeD people of whimsical approach//

To broach the surface they need to rewire their SENTIMENTAL faces again.. just one next time. “These.. vagabond, laugh out loud trillionaires inside

Of their scheming LITTLE scReAmiNg(!) heads – be officially d-e-a-d(!)” BE GONE AND bodaciously Buried(..)

There’s been TRYING~times and Empty-minded utterances OF unidentifiable and whispered neglect, half-baked irresponsible RESPECT.. held HEAVILY=against

their aforesaid sniggering fACES(.)

“We just… need to… get by
On burned sausages and kaleidoscopic COcAiNe this time(as tumultuous as it is)/ to meet… … .. their memorable memBrane$ and immediately at THEmiddle, please.”

==>)>t-e-a-s-e it ALL(… … …) back~to~life:: “oh, Christ Almighty Magnificent men of Women’s eyes(… !!)”