Say so much
Touch my guitar-infested heart-strings and make me sing
Yet again
Innately akin to your rather peculiar choosing
Soliloquy differentiated – place yourself, oh Tempestuous Little Lady of forever mine, while these brand new, travel-hardened smiles prise a hundred-billion of our behemoth memories
Wider than golddust brushed amidst these oceanic eyes
Back to pedestrianised life
Seems we did adore the foreplay all leading up to this particularised instance – caressed right by the upset chord which spectacularised this begotten to thrillified aforementioned life
F i n a l l y
You saw me whole and attempted with battle-hardened haste to taste it all
A drumbeat to quicken my cobble-stoned feet
At sonar-waved pace
Float my once oh so reclusive boat by the outrageous curve of your splendour breast to tantalised breathe
Tends to lie immediately overhead
The moon only far more enlightening