Theirs were tampering about the place and adding their own added sense of course and courage of cause: what is going to be occurring is… “this anecdotal thing of sophisticatedAwareness.” And that’s… possibly Ok, and impishlyAlright— even as they were towering

R the (rest of the)field and aHEAD OF EVERYONE-else, these plain minded ((soul of scientists)) people who really did

“Talk about nothing else and NOT-themselves. If there is another sort of general consensus to conform to..”

.Then why can they not: send themselves away Til cherished and sniffing on enough NoseHappy CharlieEveryotherday(?) to, well..
Like we say:: “send themselves away” —

What if, though, the miracle of mind has and had and will and shall Already Have Happened and that

The map to their utter productivity is called—- Conscientious Unawareness