Even if their skill-set is utterly individual it will still take an outrageous state of self-awareness to feel— all of the innings of timing of things which cameJudiciously beforeTHEMAgain: and at quick-fire pACE, indeed(.) There’s a chase HappeningBETWEEN them: Somewhere, SOMEplace, and these guys and girls have been..

Thinking about thinking about ACTING —) utterly s-i-l-e-n-c-e-d now. How, though(?!) Are they to EVER actually know..
What will happen EXACTLY, except for AnyThing AND ALL OF THESE spontaneous THINGS (..)

And it IS supremelyGifted IsWhat they need to Remain—-> because, and NObody has a regular right to think any differently//

They do see something that NONE of us WISH TO SEE(?!)