They said that I could take the whole thing away with me, from everyone else ’til managing to wax complete lyrical
Setting the literary bar far, far higher, starting over ’til absolutely pouring once more
On into your every smoldering being, stealing your rather typically, all too notably under-nourished vision
They may say that it is all oh so fine but they are half-heartedly lying
That is ’til such time as I strapped myself on in
Came along on something of a delicious wing
Pristine – coaxed myself into stringing you along, cascading down upon your seriously flagged army or ten thousand more
When the late-night slumber, feather pillow-faced snore becomes oh so perfectly instigated in the first instance
By nothing but fair instrumental delicacy – a word of ten which can, and will, I assure you all too ably parade your beating mammoth brain to all ‘n’ sundry – my kind of heartbeat right here
Reaching and catching – caressing – every last bounce again flame
So you know, I want to make these words dance right round your hands whilst you get to intrepidly finger this page ’til the end of time
Suddenly awash, creativity abounding like I will always promise
When the multi-coloured and undoubtedly rather sensational degree of foddered fun was never so very alarmingly obvious
To all of us, just the way it asked itself to be right from the outrageously ego-driven onset
I ain’t no shrinking violet
Just so you and yours know, I asked for all of this as early as the age of five

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