These fair arctic clandestines – bringing everything to our cherry bomb table
More than fairground able, prepare yourselves to plough right round ‘n’ round
A million miles per enticing hour, may the power always get to be with you – few would try and ever replicate your fate
Too late, take it to the carousel, sell it all oh so very wonderfully
Plunder so far and you will still get to catch a mammoth star
Hanging like a thread right there in the sky – apple to my strawberry blond eyes
Never seen something oh so momentarily insane
Terrific, a wit aside words second only to one Leonard Cohen; threateningly less boring
Predisposed of our uses ’til smiling a mile wide, happy flecks whizzing inside our kaleidoscope eyes
Use me… never, ever abuse me
Like I say – fair apple Rosemary

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