A moment took her as though necessary all in one go. So… for the precarious and neat piece of vision to remain preciously pristine, she will need to let herself aimlessly both enviably roam – as though otherworldly reinvigorated, not to mention it, yet undeniably prepared and ready

To make shifting, lilting mountains of momentous both wondrously abrupt work happen, maps themselves outright all over the length both breadth (BREATH!!) of her favourite room studio

Namely Preparatory and ghostily all in one go … …

Which has to have unanimously been her favourite best living, seething, barely breathing fixation a fair while for now. And all whilst a crazily artistic and righteously faraway focus came to fuller fruition – a stellar working-class vision that can fair amiably handle… All of her aforementioned ghostly tales placed repetitively aside riotously travailed stories

In one metaphorical slalom of extracurricular diction met with roundabout, wraparound bouts

Of stellar sordidity. Please.

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