Do they really understand the sense of singular importance which courses thru-out each of these people’s interactive veins. No. Plainly/both/VAINLY they don’t… and WON’T ever manage to handle…

That actual LeVeL of outrageous dedication to surviving against OdD OdDS which have whispered then ROARED(!!) At them- – from outside-In… …

However, “HOWever!” What we see here is an ACTUAL emblem of a living/breathing/BEAUTIFUL being who has DEARLY/both/clearly reconstructed their worth from utter pieces of exasperated DeStRuCtIoN

This is where ALL of those jaded/tired/tried and tested QUOTES arise from- the he(ART)s and minds and souls

Of these perfectly utilised, once/upon/a/brutalised people!

By the bend of the break of the bone…

“Yes.” Whisper it however you will please… because we STILL HEAR THEM. Loud and clearly

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