Went to Glandore
One time
My head a landmine
Great nonetheless
Things turned out to be fine
Dave Crowley fell off a wall
The poor fella thought to be
One foot tall
Myself, Kingston and Locky
Drank ’til the cows came home
Quite literally
Camped it up in the field on the hill
Cracked open a crate of Miller
Sat on our deckchairs &
Decided to chill
Went to an old man’s pub
Up the other road
Started a bar-tab
Where there’s money still owed
Knew I’d a match to get to
The following day
As well as it being my birthday
Hip hip hurray!
Thumbed it back
Just in time
Ended up on the bench
Nursing one hell of a hangover
Christ how I wish
In those days
I could’ve stayed
Just one day sober
We’ll visit Glandore again
But this time I’ll get to
Take it all in
But the drink will flow
And of course
I’ll pay the next day for my sins
Cheers lads…