Being sounded out for far too long a time can, and will, perhaps leave someone chomping at the crazy bit
Feeling the absolute need to balance quite peculiarly, oh so very particularly, both their God-driven wit atop an uttermost adamacy to appeal to almost all ‘n’ sundry
Please, take the time to lend us your ever single line!!
Seems it is you who will, in fact, have to bear with us entirely
All over again
Why the heck not so much as drop your very next cigarette, substitute it quite markedly with fine rhyme, a sentence which cannot but somehow cause itself to soar oh so goddamn far
Jarred completely, so very much as rather perfectly, perhaps?
Steal us right away, for we did indeed pay for this day to come
All over again
Feeling oh so very nurtured, courtesy of your no doubt in-depth procedure
Precariously pre-disposed, a separate sort of fixture altogether which shall hose us off ’til we get to feel each ‘n’ every last word soothe our so suddenly awakened souls
All over a once oh so cold and shy-dry shoulder

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