She didn’t suspect a single thing
‘Til they dressed her on up and forced her to do these terribly unspeakable things, an angel turned to a dreaded demon overnight – quite literally in this particularly peculiar instance – with a thousand condoms in her pocket
Her parents would be none too pleased, to see what she has unruly become
When lust-filled men wore their favourite tuxedos and drew her in with these sizeable ‘donations’ of theirs
A living, breathing sensation between the sheets, when a reputation tends to beg to be upheld
She will continue on ’til such time as her debts have been met, threatened with her very own life time again
A silver gun to cause a stir if needs be, one beautiful eye on her well-being, the other on the all too enticing money at ferocious stake
A must when taking it all into rather haphazard account, bless her frazzled mind ’til it finds its way back
Blinded by deceit, and now, above all else, pushed to meet it right by the seriously sullen middle
None too gladly
We have to ask, when will she get to call herself free

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