We are though, and I think it’s safe to say that you know it
Pity really, seeing as once upon a rhyme we promised so very much – when our every next subtly set step prepped us for a wonderful life filled with all kinds of distilled passion
Swimming in a soliloquy sea of utter hope, coping to a point of rather crazily enlightening upheaval
This God awful crutch may well be holding us up in one manner yet it will all too sizeably get to terrifically smother us in another – these seemingly tapestried tears turned out far too real by the end to ignore, floored by all kinds of preposterous occurrence, may as well burn ourselves at the very stake that once lent a little time to build us up – the deceitful sonuvabitch which gets to flow right on through us either way
Who knew it could be so very alarmingly antagonising, wayward and inevitably opposed to our favoured accord – when all of our dreams were dashed in something of an incredibly meticulous instance
Shall we dance one last time, so as to recall the savoury rhyme

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