Perfectly perched,
Gotta little somethin’-somethin’ to give…

Been thinkin’ straight for the very first time
This inter-tangled jacket can go right ahead of its pitifully pre-fabricated self,
and let bothersome bygones simply be

He tore up the rule book ‘n’ thundered on through – no less vilified by significant violence
Seems there ain’t no which way to scare what’s been held heavily captive
By the creature secretly perceived,
As Inescapably Insane

Touched the flames of overheated desire,
Only to come back far stronger

Miraculous in one such unfathomably sworded word

Blood pours, whilst he stands staunch to roar: Captivated by Constantly Courageous

Anxiety ain’t nothin’ but a crucified crutch
To lust ‘n’ lethargically linger right here,
at Hell’s heavenly picturesque door…
… To nowhere special, everywhere goddamn blissfully intertwined ‘n’ twisted
Atop shamelessly pre-arranged
like no-one’s known

He turns to twist the key… and blissfully kneels to finally breathe,
And to welcome all of him home again,
to carefree ‘n’ cautious He

No-one wishes to see,
The Hanging Tree

Wind blows
Leaves free

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