One such guitar forever and a London day
Truly just the way it needs to be
Course there’s her rather rigorous nine-to-five sidebar, then an altogether far more creative side coursing on through it
Few would argue
No disguising the relative degree of German beauty at hand, quite literally in this particular instance
Now, DANCE!!
She did so very much as land an entirely separate black ‘n’ white picture inside of my lap so as to wax crazed lyrical like only I seem to know
‘Til setting fire to her wanderlust belly all over again
Place a pink ribbon on your brain, don’t be afraid!
Simple as, she uses her strings whilst I ply myself aside my flavoursome pen all too accordingly – blue in colour perhaps albeit multi-faceted like nothing you and yours may have seen before
When did it get oh so bloody creative!?
See it and I WILL write about all of it – one person at a seriously stepping-stone time
Sublime surroundings second-to-none, sounding everything else right the whole way out
Get ready to set fire to absolutely all that you get to see from here on in Isabelle

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