Bewildered and beware, they are actually going to have to become more OR less about as

Good as it can(not) get(.) These people were gaining the LowerEchelon, actually, and that’s..

A rather rapturous thing to have to behold. “Smouldering and handsomely aware sonsofBADbAsTaRdS that we all were…”

Equally important for our own brain’s steeple of worth / of course it’s a playFULLY plagiarised thing, and of course that WILLmean:

an outrageously expensive-level-of-tHiNkinG for the minds of
10thousandDIFFERINGPeople:: “dishevelled, Maybe, yet CERTAINLY-real.” Wrought~iron if you might like —>>

To take yet anotHER shot at her army of manly followers— it’s fine and dANDy And definitely

Hahahahaha~~~hilarious minus a modicum of s(L)ightly injustice this time. When she sits down to her own source of enticed entitlement this is p-r-e-c-i-s-e-l-y the time —>>

To smash these bottles of hard&CrEaTiVeLy~~cold w(H)ine, “why not(?)” across these scores of seems-to-be/seen-to-be HEAVENLY creatures.