A sudden move and we lose the whole echelon – these tapestried memories, both foreign as well as homegrown intricacies will banish themselves in one quick-fire instance
To delicately delve where supposed behemoths have delved before, just make sure that the foundation is manically sound – clock our every sizeable whereabouts
Then, and only then do we get to amount to what’s truly indelible, pegging it with equally mere mortals only a magical rung above – push to gargantuan shove and we’re finally away on aforementioned tapestried whim
I’ll wear the backbone, you let yourself be the veteran clone
Sent to make the most telling difference in the whole wide world, absurdly becoming aside all kinds of glorious
When we hosted the one single soliloquy event that sent the audience into rapturous applause – pause for thought, we ought to thank those people who fell for our every known accord amidst their silver bullet anniversaries
Only then do we truly get to breathe

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