To make it kinder inside of their CHERISHED minds they did this un-eventful thing wherein – “we DID DOSTOYEVSKIAN-ATTEMPT to strenuouslySurvive whilst single-mindedly thriving, Too.”

A-cinch-of-a-thing? HELL AND fuckNO(!) and.. “NAAAAAH!” Not a mother effingChance in
High-hell, actually. Of ever being anything ELSE other than otherworldly and wonderfully filled

To the brim of our being with enough THRILLseekingEnthusiasm to set the world alight and frightFULLY(!) so. Nonchalant and Real is their way-of-demeanour: and with a sHrUG of an insouciant shoulder.

“When they wereSoundlySleeping, we were intricately trying to UNDERstandANDdevelop the difference between

Being good and BAD AND all-other-sorts of really oughta have had been.. aware and utterly Quick-thinking individuals, please(..)” when it came

To a shameless sense of shamefaced dEliRiuM, inDEED, that was PRECISELY when(??) the stately penny
Dragged itself back from the brINK..

Soon AS when(…) they did everything right again and anywhere+else WHEN IT s-e-e-m-s to have stapled its OWNtruthfilled set of RuLeS

—)) > > to the wideOPENdoor:: “do not bother at abhorring them, DO NOT EVEN shudder to think; of another ten thousand tales

Of wishfulInEbRiAtiOn.” And remember to reCALL IT(all too)WELL, that their ((hook, LINE & stinking mother fucking)) minds DO (nOt.) appear to wish to sing it oh, so mother effing w-i-s-e and widely/WILDLY(!)

They were awake for one whole reason: to piss on the StateOfOurSorryAndSoothedSouls SomeMORE. Even if it feels

AbsolutelyAmazing: to-watch-The-Tabernacles-WIN…. At losing-face again ⛪️ 🔥