A thousand words deeper than the searing heat of the supernatural sun – we are nobody’s children but for our own
Comfortable and ready to attempt this treacherous thing – tremendously and both of them collaborated to an anointed and smile-inducing point

The art can and shall… and will take care of its better self – thickening to meet the juices of water-fallen flow right by the stricken-to-bleed-and-seethe middle

Endlessly, hopelessly (hopefully) devoted
A remote and seriously controlled endeavour, wherein, whereby, one man, one woman’s angular and inspired eye – both threatening to breathe and swim inner-within – tends to bring grandiose illusion to the dreamed for and entirely inescapable table : appears to be, soon to appear to we, that they are writing, forever fighting for themselves, f-i-n-a-l-l-y

Stranger things may just have failed at happening, for the dance-about words are awash themselves with multi-coloured enthusiasm, brought together by ringlets of screaming fire

There is no such prison but for the prison lent to them by other, far lesser people : poised by pedantic perspective, dis-respectfulness and plagiarised kinds of poison

Each to their own, disembark the throne
Anointed by crying-shamed inability to see the way we can and shall… and forever have to hold onto this hope for ferociously kaleidoscopic moments – we cry by an unfathomable kind of fabricated devotion

What sets us ear-achingly apart: one-in-a-million, the long-lost Art of play-pretend interpretation, and… safer to whisper and shyly say that it does all of it hurt to feel it oh so very goddamn much

Writing to find a way
Any which way but terrifically taken from here

‘Tis, perhaps, the truer the genius the fiercer the fall by the eye of the visionary needle, therein stand those who die right by the sword of white-lies – mesmerised… disguised by unkindly

No less born-to-be : unrecognised albeit besieged and bountifully summarised by inundated authenticity

And a million sinking, shrinking flames flicker to breathe again – witness the all-out gain in procedure extraordinaire

Utterly, typically unaware as to they – today, we reconfigure this misshapen mid-a.m. mess soon as you sleep, stealing and reshaping the last and the very best pieces of your forgotten dreams

Seems you’ve been needlessly – needfully – screaming and by the bare-boned reckonings of your extra-curricular being

And we do thank you for that… how on besmirched Earth could we not… insinuate such a sinful and lucrative thing?

Seems the black hole sun only ever smoulders when you least suspect it… won’t you come?

Catch yourselves in the middle of a hurricane and watch your words whistle near the wind again – the sounds coming from your tethered garden are simply singing themselves insane, rendering themselves unpardonable

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