The moment is perilously pristine and she appears to mean it more than most

Leans on in silken supremacy, her negligee is killing me to bleed

Yet anything will do, thank you kindly- for we’ve been tightened intertwined right by the otherwise sizeable soul

Filling these deepened shallow-baster holes wherein our hollowed-out hearts once blasted us unstoppably apart

And blood trickled to pour midst prolonged failure to restore

Abhor the rank-average pain and let it rain like peculiar crazy
Tasting with eyes-wide opened to find

-The highwired meta-scope and to outlandishly cope with all of these treacherous things

These dedication days are here to stay and to satisfy our broken hearts whole

Tantalised ’til perfectly paralysed- my, oh my
Why didn’t we even ever take ourselves so seriously as to anticipate this to be

-Blissfully happening

This pitifully agonising pariah has turned righteously roundabout upon itself

And managed to serendipitously sedate this heady, no less reconfigured star-spangled demise

Of forever treasured ours – plain mundane wonderful, thanks for taking us to affable task without ever even asking

I know you would… if you could…

And if you could… I know you would

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