This area shall be momentarily placated by all of something rather altogether beneficially supreme
And we seem to see these mindfully fabricated things for their whole wide uninterruptible worth

Can it really be that it all means to make righteously re-aligned sense again?

She and he – they stand forward-forth and work their pleasantly prescribed worth to the rather sought after core

They will sentimentally lend a tender-ended smile to the softly stood/sidled alongside other, set fire to all of these seriously instanced desires

Of forever serendipitously pressed theirs

He leans in a little closer to serenely say: “Here we both are… finally. And the breathe of fresh-air is simply deafening. Can you feel it, baby?”

She does indeed feel it… and for the very first time in all of her misshapenly awry life her smile is the realest thing we ever did see

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