You’re talking about a whip-smart amalgamation of pockmarked girls and boys o did, INDEED, appear to have failed at owning their very Own world. So haphazard was their particular plight, their confiscated FLIGHT… to find a better sense of unequalled escapism,

That, time-again, they had to watch these wrought-iron chains ceaselessly ReSiSt: their futile attempts at avoiding this!!

… … upset equilibrium of prioritised p-a-i-n!!

“Shame!” To witness their delayed rEaCtIoNs.. their intended self-procrastination- – that fall from heavenly GrAcE..

“Maybe Hell IS a better place?!”

No food, no youthful minds nourished to a comfortable point anymore: “no absolutely FUCKING NOTHING WHATSOEVER AT ALL!”

As I watch them c—r—a—w—l—- to their knees, “plEASE!”

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