The humongous level of uttermost over-emotion, the constant feeling of under met with over – whelmed to touch and carelessly caress
The unofficial face of his next blank canvas
A standing smart stop-start artist of undeniably extracurricular merit
Met with a zealous atmosphere of poised pernickety professionalism abounds rather resolutely – and one man’s dramatic body of framed magnificence gathers it’s genius bearings amidst the fashionable dancing of champagne bones which shall pour… Forever, endless and bravely – eager to be here, much more wary than never seen before
Scenes of hidden bouts of beatnik rebellion met with glimmering levels of shimmering and limitlessly touchstone creation

Homegrown and perfectly prone to guiding the locomotive utensil by the bend of its glaring break – mistakes have been marvellously well made

So that a gallant Austrian artist can someday manage to perfectly paralyse starts right here lain nervously toward the scope of four staring walled corners
Conversing ceaselessly, neatly, whisperingly argumentative, unpardonable he sits and shakes and bandies and bets observably against

The scheming nature of the unimaginative finish-line
Wishing that he could ultimately swim within the liquid reaches of his next great masterpiece

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