He simply dreams of a far better existence
One where raspberry and sherry cocktails amount to all kinds of everything – where late-nite bar-brawls will needlessly happen in these highly imaginative, altogether tapestried wings
Whilst a sweet, sweet cacophony of their own accord begins to occur on something of a conversational whim or ten
His soothing anecdotes second-to-none other, an outright fledgling ability to resolutely string these people together
A constant and charming man
The memories are almost otherworldly, problematic to say the very least
This monumentally momentary feast just needs to start all over again
When it was almost all oh so perfectly perched yet not quite turning out to be that exact way – an unbelievably unasked for mental prison that poisoned and caused him to unwittingly adhere for far too long
A snail-paced, rather precarious living disgrace
Up all of the night, trying to prise this supposed happiness out of seemingly nowhere for now
What he wouldn’t give to feel this again
Only a time minus the downright mind-boggling pain, please
Seems he never really stood a chance in hell
An incredible dream to clink a roller glass once more and to whisper: “Cheers.”

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