We will bring these tides right back together before too long and strengthen this whole burgeoning albeit about to be avoided divide – soon as we tremendously create everything from seemingly so lost anything
We build the bridge one united artsmind per time –
And they finally arrive and jovially listen to hear the art-world thinking for its memorable worth … and bleeding itself bone-dry right by these happy volcanic tears of over-invested yours, exploding fantastically right by a loving delicacy to the pause-for-thought cause of a strife-time, and it will simply be matter-of-fact gargantuan-terrific
Implemented through detrimental pain ’til these irrational beliefs of all of ours take to tending to irreversibly disappearing … into thin and painted upon air
Everywhere … … … he shall avoid that rather inviting Marlboro cigarette
Nestled right by a haphazard aside dilapidated ash-arisen ashtray … and bring it all back together in multi-colored procedure
These features for detail are simply, quite rightly, unforgettable
The knife-edge delve which took them to many a place which most people can only ever dream of
Welcome to the come-on-up-for-air .. seems it was there all along
Those nightmares were meant to mean something, finally
An angel-in-sedation Halloween-ed by demonic disguise too long a time
Their tears filled this bubbling beneath river which floats all of our boats
Yet, no ego – just … forever flow

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