Gonna go see The National at the weekend
On top of that Locky & Merv’s 30th
A trip in a bus along the West Cork coast
Raising our cans of craft beer to the men with the most
Looking forward to it now, hangover or no hangover on we will plough
Wedged in like sardines in a can, bound to be a few laughs
An out and out blast
A kiss from a pretty girl sure would mean the world
‘Cos it’s all about going with the flow
Dressed to the nines, no such ordinary joe
Sun, rail or hail, takes it one step at a time
This sure is starting to read sublime
Something annoying me but I’ll let it drop
Hop on board, not get bored
A few songs we’ll sing, get things started
Once we’ve departed it’ll be fun all the way
I know what they say, that thirty’s the new twenty
Not sure about that but I’ll do my best to believe it
Sitting there in my chair
Looking to impress
Keep abreast of all that there is left to do out there