Basically, the level of artistic skill is nuts across the globe. So, how on earth can any one artist actually expect to gain a huge audience. And all of it for themselves? They can’t. And… they kinda can. Forget the rest. The other artists. They’re doing their damnedest whilst you do yours. And, really, you cannot say fairer than that. To put your skill of artistic endeavour out there and to see how it either soars or sinks. Ignoring the commercial and societal perspective with regards art and its financial pressures that most people seem to place on an artist, as if they somehow know how much you do, or do not, make from it, as though you could possibly even begin to know what they make in their career of choice in the first place, I’d have to say that, for me, the truest worth and brilliance of an artist does lie solely in… two things. A) A humble nature that will not let their last piece of art be seen as their best in so far as their own consideration counts, and B) Obviously, the level of skill and talent NEEDS to meet the artist’s particular vision at any given time. Yeah… … the rest is just outside and peripheral noise; sink or swim, or shut the hell up and be about as silent with it as you care to be. Literally no one cares except, of course, for the people who do get to let themselves care. Or… maybe, just maybe you prefer to listen to all the detractors and to plug away at turning their minds, each one at a time, upside-down in proving EVEN them incorrect. That’s what I wanna choose to do 😃 Go at it absolutely from the inside out 😃 Or… … simply choose to stop scribbling and actually rest my mind for the first time in my life… maybe.
Art credit- @matteopuglieseart

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