With a glass jaw, this one man could not but freeze the whole damn room
One utterly intense stare at a time
Juiced apple in hand, time and time again he went ahead and chomped right from its life
Subtle wife Sally forever and a day nearby
Heavily intent, of course, on always causing her own rather heightened degree of discourse
Curse those daftly inept begrudgers – stumbling – with their Pepsi cans and their brick-phones
Just the way of the world in Downtown Manhattan far back as the mid-eighties
Middle-class ‘hillbillies’ getting by on just enough Xanax pills to steal them away from an all too notably harrowing fate
Namely Wall Street
You came on your feet, left with your teeth utterly gnashed
Money inside of their pockets on cloak and dagger return – all monopoly
Barely earned, I’ll have you know
Play the game; wink, so much as shrug
Hell, prepare yourselves all over again to pretend it cannot but continue to rain on down
Frowns falsely substitued for aching smiles
A mile or so wide – just like a particular iimagining of the Hudson River
Admit to absolutely nothing, disguise everything!
This the thing; sing when you’re losing, then all of the louder when it turns out you are, in fact, winning