This ain’t so goddamn easy
Mother has me roped to my bed
Dad attends to the highs
Whilst no-one dare in their wildest dreams come anywhere near those ungodly lows
Speaking of dreams, this is anything but…
Nightmares of a different kind altogether, pure smut, all of my own accord for shooting up
In the first place
Acne-riddled, pasty-faced, a living, breathing (just about), awkward and utter disgrace
Addiction doing ninety, working overtime
Finally it found its way, creatively coursing through my each and every vein
Sometimes it waxes, but for the most part it wanes
An intravenous hell-hole, the mould on the ceiling makes me nauseous, an oh so sickly feeling
Plaster peeling atop skin constantly reeling
A serene inbetween I fail to find time and time again
Hands flailing, heart slowing down, on avid alert to catch its one last jump
Where’s that defibrillator, my one last pump?
Just one more hit and that will be it, I can promise you this!
Or can I?
Surely all that awaits this boy is a truly unruly demise
I took the fall, a curious teenager, drug-addled ‘friends’ turning to me way back when, disguised oh so ghostly, eyes like strangers who guarantee you nothing but a chance to unearth an otherworldly ZEN
Curiosity may yet kill this cat
Sat up, head in his hands… then One. More. Silent. Injection.
The devil within him suggesting that all should be fine, all will be grand
A wry smile, before taking the destroyer’s equally frantic hand