They took turns at turning tornadoes into UpSide down Thunderstorms. That purely plunder-some endeavour toward utter

Chaos actually: “as she ended up supporting her own sense of _track-happy survivalTechnique.” They are trying toward the utter achievement of certainMOST association actually = and with… …

the rest of their Luvly~JuBbLy, WouNd~DoWn and Happily, actually, World ~~ whilst it sizes itself UP yet again and simultaneously tries at

Mustering… a… magnified “miiiiGht” inside of their own BalAncing Act _ of mind. It’s a bare naked backtracKING of aforementioned mind, a none-too-necessary attempt at
Try-hard togetherness (again). {even} When

– “We ended up sleeping with

Claws inside of our tiger-tip minds… … .”