You sit with your lukewarm coffee and proceed to tell me ten such tales
All of them rather savoury and all courtesy of your favourite yellow guitar – the one that never, ever seems to get to leave its easel otherwise I do adore the way that you sip and divulge at the exact same time your homegrown/foreign land memories
A smile – pearly whites – and I am completely yours
I know full well a cigarette teeters rather temptingly nearby – the wisp of smoke says it all really, the most perfectly soothing choke known to two happy fools
My worries are away on a whim, standing ferociously at the door, about to let themselves back in soon as you feel that you might be done
When a handsome humble boy and his pick do just that, string these aforementioned ten together
Please bear with me ’til I can somehow replicate your high-wired talent courtesy of my own about to be told fate-fed stories I’ll shine as soon as I want to
Amount to something quite instrumental of my very own

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