The threat technique speaks to the power-structure at elusively maladjusted play
An empire of the demonstrative mind, pushed against that caveat – nervous marketers stand near
Open that Guggenheim museum door
And suddenly her whole universe is happening from every angle
Crystal-clear Notting Hill Kate, pill instilled and hanging out with all the stars here they all were …

A 1974 archetype situation – if we will
Inevitably, altogether inviting itself in

Thirty-two seconds over Tokyo and a cock-smoking clerk smirks
He needs a tissue …
The psychologist speaks when she is spoken too, the misshapen, mistaken representation of nineteenth-century Lolita
Stay at a job longer than a year and it will become a careless career … a fuck-worthy entity of no entitlement whatsoever 

Constant at being decidedly, eerily cutthroat
At being recklessly r-e-a-l aside resolute and remotely controlled

She sits a wary eagle-eyed individual – a once-upon-an-only-girl, now for all of these people, persnickety if you will let it bother and bodaciously be – meaningful
Ugly at being unsuccessful, the whole darn lot of them

No particularly peculiar rhyme this particularly peculiar time

She has been guided and delightfully ‘guised, a pencil-skirt-wearing outfit driven altogether (quite) meticulously by
A life less stressed than ordinarily feature-faced

A misbehaving, sensuously well pressed creature of unnatural habitat and these birds and these sinking stinking bees have her down upon desired knees
That war will be over so very soon as she purchases herself a pulverising g-u-n
This. Is. Her. Riddled. Rifle. – left shoulder right shoulder all of it sprightly unsightly.
Her own anime answer to feminine aspect Rambo

A diet of mainstream movies together burning forever – all of it upon a low-budget shoestring, can we really be all that well remembered!!?
Drink your champagne-driven cigarette … let it sit at the seat of your misshapen teeth – gaped and gapped at seeing all evil

He didn’t know that she was broke and stacked that high in shit, the bargaining d-i-v-i-d-e, picturesque and serenely well upset
Be. Gone. In. The. Morning. Time and with condoms still at reach of his pocketful soul

Did he really just whisper near her echoic ear and into the nocturnal nighttime, that ‘Eskimo-pussy’ is twice as cold!!? An Icelandic male model speaks soon as she is spoken too 
Filled with toppling buildings midst fine French architecture

She/he loved the motion-picture movies, this stick-thin person had to have done so by watching a billion-dozen-zillion of them – man/woman-made-up and real and realistically breathing heavily, heavenly, inside of their minimised mind / interesting i-n-d-e-e-d

And that lack of over-strewn, -blown eroticism never truly bothered their adolescent being, she will lie naked at being terrifically alone, fabricated by her very own dropping, dripping manicured hand
Nether region specific at being over-creative and fantastically enlarged – basically, she is going to stroll right the way on in there … perplexed at reverse portal

A nuclear war, p-l-e-a-s-e, within misleading, tear-stricken knees, mightily screaming of a mild winter’s day, feels like a twenty-two-year-old student of some kind of Kubrick sensation
A buff, a girl with a million-and-one hidden tricks seething mutely within -the nitty-gritty good-gossip (girl) who adored good sports – all of this open to glaringly unjustly suggestion
A muscled arm, disarms the motor-mouthed man / looks too old, hardly ever

Vivacious, if we will let it
Be – a Spielberg film (seethes) disorderly at being (bodacious at being) up-inside of her plain mundane brain if anything else but for that and this hopscotched thing – placed maladjusted upon constant f-i-r-e, mundane at being simply scintillating

These are the militating, limitating delirious days per the actors interspersed, -sparsed thoughts of alarming reckoning, is he really a full-blowing person

Shackled at being shorn, literally bipolar by kaleidoscopic persuasion – uttermost demonic demonstration via a compliant compliance of Tony Blair’s blatant fine soldiers

Barry Lyndon takes a flustering cigarette and sits desirably opposite, opposed to her, lighting its settle-some fire and all of the lights go round about the pace of the budded place

And he gently, rigorously, darn right downright plain mundane incredulously touches its over-elongated surface

W-h-i-s-k-e-y with iceberg to one snide side, this Titanic-al anomaly, a living, entrusted anomaly
Dangerous to withhold it all

Thirsty and difficult, he appears to be obsessive at being rip-torn aside beautifully, astutely, dutifully meticulous – observing a thing of true sizeable beauty

Hidden in her lesser evils – twisting and lock-horned within abrupt vessels for continual portrayal, which bleed at the righteous rim

She smiles and smirks because We, She, They, He – Everybody – imply implies to admit that they knew it from the singular beginning …

These flustered, slow-reaching rigorous frustrations have been giggling at her inner-insides

1723 again when she lost her sensuous soul, she died by the lie of the lustrous land and in a far-fetched glass-grown field with a hazardous horse at her vilified side

Seems he made the final inevitably invisible killing of She
Curbed enthusiasm and adoring curiosity is real at realising the envisioned, visionary release

The workings and trapping of a precisely tasteful artiste
Manipulate it as you might like to realign your (mis-)adventurous mind to do … and shrink
To think for ten people at a time, p-l-e-a-s-e

An applied inner-discipline, if you will let it stretch aside lividly sketch itself to the very detrimental ending … of the beginning again

Even if enthusiastically perceived by Dalton Trumbo and all-in-one keen go, keen-eyed blow of his whetted whistle

The pen speaks meek and mentally misplaced by it all, one-of-a-time, winning at being unkindly

Perceived to mean everything and anything so long as making singular sense to
Only himself,
reading til it breaks the splash n’ daftly abrupt dash of that agonising line which never really did deserve to be wholly, imploringly ignored nor purposefully observed
A terrific writer r-e-e-l-s while he/she comes to London

That paradoxical outcome at hand – leaning towers n’ all
That is piercingly, thematically, obvious only ever two centuries too late … as fate would fail at having let itself breathe


And the dog-eared scripture is feeling all of these degrading things, suffering for the smile of the rightful soul and it belongs to a place of motherfucking withstanding tastelessness – he worked for six sultry weeks on sending herself i-n-s-a-n-e and with everyone to blame inside

Of her bleeding, bloodied, misappropriate mind

These abstract ideas are commercially, co-medically misplaced and all part of the mountainous process
When all that they ever longed for was a mystery-laden molehill
About. To. Implode. And. All. By. Its. Own.

Tarantino has been squealing – exuberant for Evil Dead II
This natural-born-killer of truly romantic dissuasion – all of this in the middle of cutting herself to the core of her resolved reservoir dog

A modern-day Charles Dickens with a dick in his hand
And the transformation is reckless at being stolen away – remember the Star Wars transvestite scene, please … no subject but for their own ideal documentation

They do say that porn planning produces piss-poor production even if we want it the most
Give me a green upside-down turtle and a blow-up bus – snow-balling to save our souls
The clerk writes so much … out. of. touch. with our hidden senses, our rip-worn realities aside modern societies 
And this psychologist finally sees – somebody who can shoot the movie in glee-filled reels, this snide and upsetting, sprightly, fighting piece of writing which will appear to make him an iconoclast overnight
 A chest like an ironing-board with lips that settle and sting of the inner-between – this is the Kate Moss modern-day miracle and you’d better Believe it, restore your image and simply see
Five-foot small, quirky features and an oblong frame
A unique beauty will continue to mesmerise rightful eyes and with a rock-chic attitude, poker-faced portrayal – Calvin Klein just loved the cocaine controversy … didn’t s/he?
High-wasted trousers and she’s a lousy lay with a head for upside-down business – look at us but do. not. touch.
Trying their best, to never forget the fallen years
And Valentino’s Day changed our taste for everything pretty and f-r-e-e
They don’t pay for their suits, their suits are on the house – or the whole house blows down