Manic men carry dastardly awry and most unforgettably twisted priorities in dastardly dilapidated place – eager faced pock-sparked pretenders and we see it all and at frozen-faced pace of our petrified own

Because they know when we’ve been looking – taking our every shaken detail for absolute granted
By the cutthroat knife pressed threateningly against, they will sacrifice our everything if needs be a-trembling

And there can be nothing to turn the tides from once oh so f**king outrageously choppy to these outright tsunami aligned impossibilities

The metaphors are just thunderous

Whitewash/powderpuff/attention to detail, living seething breathing New York City,
about to happen all over again, mapped intricately right out by these pleading to release streets of these Hoover-nosed people – who bring hidden foil and high-octane energy to the all too enticed-to-invite table

Of eerily crippling deceit
We’ve been whispered within an apprehensive ear… and the seriously unasked for need to make up the criminal difference stands resolutely against EVERY weakened will of ours

When we suddenly become one of them –
and begin to fall into all too literal LINE