There’s a crying shame and they’ve framed it- with her beautiful both BESTIAL body of bareNAKED bone at the centre PEACE!

Ready to parade itself and attitudinally INTERRUPT any known entity of enlarged entitlement who miiight

Just.. MuSt
Believe themSelves to have been

Better than WHAT EXACTly, though?!

Only, who have they EVEN been attempting to fight with… have they even been QuArRelLiNg & w-a-r-r-i-n-g and ARGUING with ‘til the end of time?

With superseding wits nervously s-p-l-i-t at the seams of what SEEMS to have been extraordinarily decorated in hindsight hilarity

Their might of mind suddenly finding itself with NO real FUCKING place to roam —- gathered and frightfully forgotten!

But… for… back to a STATE-OF-HOME again
As their suggestive fingernails engrave themSelves deeplier with-IN: either side of ANOTHER bottle of cocktail PeRsUaSioN

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