He would sit this particular one right out, wax crazy lyrical ’til those metaphorical cows did indeed get to come home, or at a least as far as this fine cafe on the corner
Where all of his literary greats came to ‘play’
Have your say and leave it at that, perhaps something or other for the remainder to chew upon entirely
Turn what’s underdog into absolute over the top dog
Give them the fire, ignite their each and every belly, let yourself watch these flames dance all over
Cold shoulder them all for you were barely sober!!
Utter inspiration second-to-none, steal good, never, ever make it all that goddamn obvious either
One such word from each of these quivering lips and you’ll be good to go
About to create a most glorious story never, ever told before
Of old atop new, mixed masterclass, a rather figuratively speaking martial arts
You really ought to know better than that
‘Til getting to prove you can indeed blur the line downright enticingly
Frightfully impressive
Just one suggestion though, be prepared to chokehold that God awful pen ’til the pair of you soak yourselves in behemoth brilliance
On a knife-edge might be nice… Martial arts no longer all that figuratively
If needs be tee it on up, usurp everything and anything oh so downright suggestively, plain preciously
Trust me, wrap it all in a neat red ribbon and they’ll be left nothing but bloody-thirsty
Then, and only then, do you get to make it inside of a real book of sorts
The Holy Grail, right?
Or so you will continue to say oh so marvellously fucking fickle one
Never seen someone so perfectly strung out in all of our life
Then, and only then, will we get to talk for an hour, make love for ten

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