She’s been asking for this stay awhile sense of delicately misplaced dElIrIum to enthusiastically misrepresent her yet again- for all of the matters of abstracting Opinion
To disappear AWAY with ThemSelves/ AND to BrEak with shatter CrAsHiNg PROtocol: IS to HAVE had a hazardous sort of lopsided HeART(!!), a non capitalised and Hard (he)art, IN-FACT, that cannot BUT — —

Strut and talk and sprint and walk
In the E-X-A-C-T same conveyor belt of revolving plACE/PACE for now.

This man IS a clan of his own
Ergo(!!), he is ultiMATEly p-r-o-n-e

To being irrationally IrreSpoNsIblE At the EXACT SAME TIME!

We watch it, we SEE IT.. we even ((very-well)) F-E-E-L it, except for when..

He decides to perfectly PARALYSE his non RESPONSIVE eye$: “Oh, my. Where HAVE we actually been ALL OF THIS TIME!?!”

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