Had to be done, in fact
No more tracking back, no such utter necessity
Impressed by the way it all went down, actually
Cliched to the very last
Finally, seems I can be considered relatively
A surefire guarantee for a storm in a coffee cup as the case may well have been in this particular instance
A soggy chips just never quite enough
Each to their own, or so it does indeed seem
Happy out to no longer wax-lyrical
In all seriousness though, a miracle I got as far as I did in the very first place
Seems the last lad didn’t even stand so little as a chance in hell
Least I got between the sheets a few times by the serendipitous beginning
It is
By the very end
Either a one-night stand, no more, no less
Or a battle of the mind like no other
Seems, above all else, all to be fair in love ‘n’ war
Drawer shut closed, ready to dust myself off and go all over again

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