Prognosis is a million-percentile enviable event so soon as when
She broke her very own heart to gather it back from the breath-taken start
Again, again,
a motherfucking endless gaining at being majestically Real
Pretty, pretty windswept penny –
each one enviously begins To fall
for the lathered shape of her Slaughtered thoughts
So soon as when he really, Really ought-a have pronounced herself otherworldly disorganised for now and Forever held kept her tethered-tortured breath
Tongue-tied, Oh My
Settles itself just so well aside these far-reaching, deathly deafening screams
Which appear twisted silhouette-shaped amidst… these welterweight Whisperings of SENTIMENTAL ours
Which shall gladly attempt to inevitably set her up for a most advantageous
To floor, hello – Rolls a DILAPIDATED joint anoints her bones
bare-naked and vivaciously Real.
His overzealous, upper-class misbehaviour just must be met near her detrimentally estranged middle… Or Else. .. … We all fall face-first Underqualified by life
From her angular asphyxiation, at least
Preach – each next one of us Against
The shape of her last Great threatening breath
Worth a million-moments of its own, so they know it since the OCD-strained beginning wins Outright underqualified by ego – ergo, exceptional by the upside-down default in her nightly nocturnal stars
Were… weren’t we, though!? Willing each next one of another to go. .. …
Toe-to-motherfucking-toe til the impending ending happens at glad-faced will… it, won’t it, though!!?
All come to a perfectly imperfect head. .. … take exceptional heed
Of only ever herself
Oh dearly devoted artiste (she is a silhouette-shaped replication of a mirror instance reflected back upon all of ourselves)