There are many places you might like to go
But sunshine, my friend, I’m afraid will never be a guarantee when it comes to putting on a show
Be it The Giant’s Causeway, where you get to rest your weary bones, delay your day
Or Inchydoney bay, where the weather really doesn’t matter
Because when you make it there it’s all about a few drinks, a good ol’ natter
With friends
You’ll make the right choice
You’ll certainly be joining a most popular trend
I know the two aforementioned are quite like chalk and cheese
But isn’t that what’s important, different venues, experiences
New ways to go about pleasing the eye
My oh my, the food at the hotel makes your belly swell
Only in the best way possible
Before falling into your bed with the clearest of heads
You can look forward to walks along the beach with you nearest and dearest
This kind of place is anything but boring
Or if you need to settle your hangover, feel free to continue on snoring
Music there too
A few famous Irish faces singing your favourite songs
Keeping up with the pace
One such guarantee, you’ll leave Inchydoney with your bags packed to the rafters
Filled with a ridiculous amount of glee
Go on, give it a shot
With fine wine, good company
You really have nothing to lose